Volunteer Ozone Ambassadors serve an important communications role in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Ozone Alert! Program.

Raising awareness about WHEN Ozone Alert! Days occur and WHAT to do on those days to help out is all there really is to it!

As Ozone Ambassador, what you do in this role should make sense for you and your organization. At a minimum, you are the 'key point of contact' to be sure all others within your organization get the Alert! Day notice from you, that they know what it means and that they know how to take action to help clear the air.

As Ozone Ambassador, you are empowered! Your level of voluntary effort is up to you and your organization.

  • Get organizational approval, if needed.
  • Sign Up to receive Ozone Alert! Day notices (Email Alert! and/or Text Alerts!). An Email or Text Alert! is generated only when an Ozone Alert! Day is issued. You'll receive notice no later than 4PM the day before the Alert! Day so you'll have time to notify co-coworkers and to take action.
  • Find a few others in your company willing to be your 'team backup' in case you happen to be out then the Alert! is issued. You are the Ambassador, but be sure your backup also signs up to receive Ozone Alert! Day notices directly from the program.
  • Be creative, have fun and know that hundreds of other Ozone Ambassadors throughout the Tulsa Metro area are partnering with you. Together, we really can make a difference to clear our air!