Be ready for Ozone Alert! Days. Make a plan so you'll know exactly what action to take - especially be READY to notify your organization and co-workers.

  • Simply sending a company-wide email is usually the easiest way. You can even forward the notice you'll receive as an Ozone Ambassador. Remember to be sure to have a backup co-worker or two who can do this for you in case you're out of the office.
  • A simple 8½ x 11 PDF notice is printable from the OzoneAlert.Com website should you want to simply post a notice on the door, on the bulletin board, in the lunchroom, etc.
  • The Ozone Alert! Program Logo is yours to use as you see fit. Why? Because it's your air too of course! Your air, your Ozone Alert! Program.

Throughout ozone season (May - Sept):

  • Send out tips and tidbits about the Ozone Alert! Program to co-workers …so they'll know what to do when they receive your notice.
  • Use the Ozone Alert! Program logo and develop educational and/or awareness information such as articles in the company newsletter, promotional items like T-Shirts for Ozone Alert! Days, information flyers, etc.
  • Promote traveling 'cleaner' by promoting carpooling, combining trips, taking the bus, or even getting the bicycle out of the garage and hopping on! The Tulsa area has a terrific regional resource to help plan for transportation alternatives - Check it out: www.TulsaTRC.ORG
  • Think creatively. What about Ozone Alert! Potluck lunches? It's especially important to limit driving on those days, what better way than everybody brings something to share and eat in.
  • How about arranging with local restaurants to offer a discount to your organization's employees who walk there for lunch on an Ozone Alert! Day.
  • Can you establish a way to reward or congratulate co-workers who participate in taking action on Ozone Alert! Days? You may want to keep records to help you do this. Remember, participation is voluntary - but it's easier to volunteer when it's fun to do so!
  • What about a guest speaker? The Ozone Alert! Program can provide you with a speaker if you set up a training seminar, a 'brown-bag lunch', or the like. Just contact INCOG to schedule it.

Bigger Ozone Ambassador Ideas: (that may take organization coordination and/or approval)

  • Promote shift work hours, flex time, or something similar that allow employees to avoid morning rush hour and/or work from home.
  • Reschedule non-essential meetings to avoid driving until a non-Ozone Alert! Day
  • Restrict the use of equipment powered by gasoline engines
  • Restrict the use of solvents, degreasers and other volatile organics that aid in ground-level ozone buildup.
  • Provide preferred or subsidized parking for employees who carpool.

If your organization has a fleet of vehicles, you could:

  • Make sure the fleet is fueled at night - especially on Ozone Alert! Days
  • .
  • Check into converting fleet vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) or another clean alternative fuel.
  • Make sure fleet vehicles are kept properly tuned up.

Action Tips to Promote in Your Organization on Ozone Alert! Days:

  • It's especially important to avoid adding your emissions to the air in the early (even very early) part of the day. In the evening, when the sun starts to set, is a better time if you must mow or fill your gas tank, etc.
  • Try to limit or even avoid driving.
  • Use Tulsa Transit or arrange to carpool.
  • Encourage biking to work.
  • Avoid refueling on Ozone Alert! Days - or if you must, wait until evening.