Hello, and welcome to the Tulsa Metropolitan Area's Ozone Alert! Program! Your company has joined the ranks of responsible corporate citizens voluntarily participating to help keep Tulsa's air clean and healthy for employees and the entire community. Please use the resources on this website to educate yourself ground-level ozone and the Ozone Alert! Program. And THANKS for your important contribution to clean air!

It's important, it's voluntary and it's easy!

  • When an Ozone Alert! is issued, your primary role is to get the word out to the employees within your organization.
  • Be sure you have signed up to receive Ozone Alert! Day notification. The form submitted to be an Ozone Alert! Ambassador unfortunately does not automatically set you up for Alert! Notices. Separately, you will need to have signed-up for Email and/or Text Alert! notifications. The website header will also reflect the status of whether or not today and tomorrow are Alert! Days.
  • It's always a good idea to have others at your company 'back you up' by also signing up for Email and/or Text Alert! nogifications. If you're away from the office, your back up can always forward the Alert! notice to co-workers for you.
  • You should set up your method of alerting your employees and co-workers when an Alert! Day is issued (E-Mail, Text notices, Signs, Company Intranet, etc.)
  • Use the resources, the logo, commercials, ...anything at all from this website (or other information you might gather) to be the Ozone Alert! 'Champion' at your organization. Browse the site. Educate yourself about what the Ozone Alert! Program is all about - then educate your co-workers.
  • Take your important role seriously. Use the 'Contact Us' website page to ask questions and make suggestions. You breathe the air - it's your Ozone Alert! Program. You are your company's Ozone Ambassador.