Last updated: June 5, 2020, 11:23:02 am

The EPA's Ozone Standard is exceeded at .071 ppm
Monitoring Station Current 1-hr Reading High 1-hr Reading Current 8-hr Average High 8-hr Average
South .053 .053 .038 .038
West .047 .047 .035 .035
East .050 .050 .036 .036
Central .044 .044 .029 .031
North .051 .051 .032 .032
Today's highest 8-Hour Avg. .038 at the South Monitor
Have we exceeded the standard today? No
Did we exceed the standard yesterday? No

Data is 'real-time', preliminary and subject to change upon QA/QC by ODEQ and EPA
The Air quality Index (AQI) reflects the health concern and corresponds to the EPA's national pollutant standard. AQI's higher than 100 generally mean air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups and an exceedance of the pollutant's standard.
The AQI below reflects ozone.
Air Quality AQI
Unhealthy for
Sensitive Groups
Indicates the highest pollutant index from midnight until the time the page was last updated, changing when a new high is reflected throughout the day.