Take Action on Ozone Alert! Days
Leave your car at home. Carpool, bike, walk or ride the bus.
Postpone errands — do them another day.
Postpone refueling. Wait until evening or not at all on OA! Days.
Avoid using gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment.
If you must drive, limit trips, combine errands, drive off-peak hours.
Stay in at lunch — take your lunch to work and eat in..
Avoid long idle times. Walk in rather than using the drive thru.
Clean Air Action Tips for All Summer Long
Drive less. Try leaving your car at home at least one day a week.
Tulsa's Transportation Resource Center can help: www.TulsaTRC.Org
Sign up for Text Alert! Notifications - text the word 'ozone' to #95920
Current Tulsa Area Ozone Reading (ppm)
Last updated: July 30, 2014, 4:15:01 pm
Today's high 8-hour Average: .042
Have we exceeded the 8-hour standard today? NO
Did we exceed yesterday? NO
Today's high 1-hour average? .044